West-Island Car Detailing & Reconditioning

Montreal auto detailing at it’s finest

For over 30 years, Steve’s Car Care has been providing professional West-Island car detailing and serving an ever-growing list of satisfied and repeat customers in Montreal.

Harsh temperatures, excessive exposure to road salt/calcium, and direct sunlight can destroy your car’s original beauty. Exterior paint surfaces left unprotected are prone to premature rusting and oxidization (fading). Interior carpets and upholstery left with salt/calcium and grime build-up may eventually remain permanently.

Steve’s Car Care auto detailing specialists can help maintain your vehicle in its original showroom condition.


IMG_2015Hand Wax / Simonize

To maintain the original beauty and luster of your vehicle, regular hand waxing is a necessary safeguard against premature paint oxidization (fading), marks, or scratching of paint surfaces. Although twice yearly is recommended for most paint finishes, darker colors are more prone to paint damage, and may require more frequent applications.


IMG_2008Glaze (3 step polish)

When paint surfaces have already become oxidized (faded), or have been subject to light scratching, this machine buffing and polishing process is required. This non-abrasive liquid glaze wax removes small imperfections and helps to restore paint surfaces to their original beauty. A complete waxing by hand is then applied to provide protection and a brilliant gloss shine.


Compound (4 step polish)

For more severe paint oxidization (fading), or severe paint damage and scratches, a nonabrasive compound is required. Following a machine application of this product, a liquid glaze & polishing is applied by machine. A final hand wax is also applied to provide protection, as well as a high gloss finish to the paint surface.


IMG_2012Engine Shampoo

Pressure steam cleaning with anti-calcium chemical treatments will help maintain the appearance and operation of your engine and its parts. Afterwards, a protective coating is applied to all engine wires, terminals, and hoses.


Interior Shampoo

Most salt/calcium, stains, or dirt, can be removed from carpets, upholstery, fabrics, leather or vinyl. This process includes a complete shampooing and cleaning of all interior surfaces including the windows. A non-glossy protective coating is then applied to all vinyl and plastic surfaces.


Salt Removal

Ensure that salt and calcium is removed to prevent corrosion.


IMG_2037“Scotch Guard” Fabric Treatment

Car interior fabrics and carpets treated with ‘Scotch Guard” soil and stain repellent are protected from water or oil based stains, as well as from dry soil. Teflon forms an invisible barrier, which repels spills and helps keep them from being absorbed into the fabric.


Odor Neutralizing

Interior deodorizing and odor neutralizing will aid in removing unwanted odors caused by cigarette smoke, vomit, foodstuffs and chemicals.


Leather Treatment

Like human skin, car interior leathers are porous, and therefore will dry and crack when left unprotected under severe sun exposure, or weather conditions. A yearly application of leather protectant revitalizer will maintain fine leathers in its original beauty.


IMG_2018Under Carriage Frame Wash

The underneath of most vehicles tends to be an area neglected by consumers. A build-up of salt/calcium on the under carriage & frame can lead to premature rust corrosion. After raising your vehicle on a hydraulic lift, a pressurized chemical steam cleaning of the complete frame under carriage and wheel well compartments is performed.


Window Tinting


Headlight Restoration