The Original Hand Car Wash

Steve’s Car Care has been offering top-of-the-line hand car washes since 1985. With it’s long list of well-known and loyal customers, Steve’s is recognized as the premier auto washing and detailing location on the island of Montreal.

We are proud to offer a relaxing environment to all our customers, including: comfortable couches, free Wi-Fi, wide-screen HDTV, workstation, expresso bar, snack bar, product boutique and more.


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West-Island Car Detailing

Steve’s Car Care specialists can help maintain your vehicle in its original showroom condition.

• Hand Wax / Simonize
• Glaze (3 step polish)
• Compound (4 step polish)
• Engine Shampoo
• Interior Shampoo
• Salt Removal
• “Scotch Guard” Fabric Treatment
• Odor Neutralizing
• Leather Treatment
• Under Carriage Frame Wash
• Window Tinting
• Headlight Restoration


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